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December 8, 2015

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At the end of the seventeenth century, the Mexican artist Cristóbal de Villalpando painted the main square of Mexico City. His image of the zócalo depicts approximately 1,200 persons strolling around or standing in groups outside the metropolitan cathedral or the partially ruined viceregal palace. At the center of all this activity, Villalpando located the two markets that fill most of this public space. Gondola-like boats and carts can be seen transporting merchandise to the market in the upper part of the image, while carriages and members of the city’s merchant elite flock together in the surroundings of a recently constructed market, the Parián, that appears at the forefront of the composition.

Fig. 1 - Cristobal de Villalpando - View of the Zócalo of Mexico City (1695)

Fashioning the Colonial Metropolis: Asian Influences and Urban Identities in Colonial Mexico City



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  • Drug History:



  • Death in 17 and 18 Centuries

Vita Brevis. Journal of Death Studies 

 poliptico de la muerte 1

El Políptico de la muerte (detalle), Museo Nacional del Virreinato, Tepotzotlán, México.

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  • Mexican Revolution

Villa and Zapata

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Church And State Education



Patience A. Schell, Church and State Education in Revolutionary Mexico City, The University of Arizona Press, 2003.

  • Cristero Rebellion

Cristero Rebellion

Matthew Butler, Popular Piety and Political Identity in Mexico´s Cristero Rebellion. Michoacan, 1927-29, The British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2004.

Archivo Historico del Arzobispado de Mexico's photo.


Jean Meyer, La cruzada por Mexico. Los católicos de Estados Unidos y la cuestión religiosa en Mexico, Mexico, Tusquets, 2008.

  • Religion
Revolutions in Mexican Catholicism


Edward Wright-Rios, Revolutions in Mexican catholicism. Reform and revelation in Oaxaca, 1887-1934, Duke University Press, 2009.


  • Testaments
Testaments of Toluca


Caterina Pizzigoni, Testaments of Toluca, Stanford University Press, UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 2007.

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